If you need to replace your air conditioning unit, you may be tempted to choose a larger model to cool your Apopka, FL home faster. This is a common mistake that many homeowners make. The size of your air conditioner can determine how effectively your home is cooled and what you pay each month in electric bills. Here is why you should pay attention to HVAC sizes.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Many people think that if they buy a larger air conditioning unit then it will cool their space faster. At first, this may be true. However, your air conditioner will keep turning off and on as your unit cools the space and the room immediately heats back up again. Plus, your energy bills will increase because of the cost of the stronger HVAC system.

Smaller Doesn’t Always Mean Energy Efficient

Some homeowners take the opposite tactic when choosing an air conditioner. They will pick a unit that is too small for their home, thinking it will save money and use less energy over time. This is also a misconception. The unit will have to run non-stop to cool the larger space, which means it will use even more energy than your standard option.

The Correct Size Saves Energy and Wear

Forcing your unit to turn on and off, or running it constantly, can wear it down quickly. With poor use, a unit that is supposed to last 10 years could start breaking down in five. Look for a unit that is created for your sized home to function effectively and have a longer functioning life.

Let Us Help You Find the Right Size Unit

If you need to replace your HVAC unit, contact the specialists at Complete Air Solutions to provide size and brand recommendations for your home. We can find a unit that cools your home quickly while saving energy.

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